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Gainesville Lange Eye Care started by Dr Michael Lange radio talk show host.

Dr Lange at Lange Eye Care radio studio along with Dr. Schramm and Dr Abraham

Lange Eye Care in Gainesville Florida was started by Dr. Michael Lange an Optometrist and Board Certified Nutrition Specialist.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville is the largest  eye care center of its type that is open seven days a week in Gainesville.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville has the largest  optical in the Gainesville area with over 3,000 frames on display ranging in price from $29 to $2000 and everywhere in between. The  optical in Gainesville  location has some of the hottest designer frames available .  Lange Eye Care has close to 20 doctors on staff and can handle anything from minor eye irritation to advanced eye surgery.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville Florida has one of the largest supplies of contact lenses in the state and this allows for 99% of all patients that are fit in contacts to leave with their contacts on that day.  Dr Michael Lange started his first office in Ocala Florida on march 15 1993 and then second office in Gainesville Florida in 1994.  Michael Lange Ocala eye doctor had a vision to develop the best eye care center possible.  Lange Eye Care has grown to nine locations by june 2011 and plans on expanding into other markets.  Dr. Lange has developed a nationally recognized eye care center that is involved in cutting edge research .  Lange Eye Care is involved in multiple nutrition, optical and contact lens studies at any given time.   Lange Eye Cares philosophy is to “go that extra mile” and treat everyone as if they were family.  Dr. Michael  Lange sees patients in the Gainesville office  one half day per week and is busy the rest of the week in other locations.  Lange Eye Care has an elite group of hand-picked eye doctors both optometrists and ophthalmologists to  take care of the vast array of patients in the Florida area.   Gainesville Lange Eye Care has  a onsite  state of the art optical lab and lasik surgery center.  Lange Eye care in Gainesville also has the latest in technology to aid the doctors in early and correct diagnosis of eye disease and helps the doctors in their ongoing treatment of any eye disorder.   The doctors and staff are continuously updating their knowledge and skills thru ongoing continuing education that is provided by Lange Eye Care.  Dr. Michael Lange Ocala  eye doctor is a pioneer in the area of nutrition and eye care and has developed unique vitamin formulations that are being used world wider by doctors to help combat against free radical damage and disease in the eyes and body.   www.fortifeye.com  ,  Dr. Michael Lange was one of the first Optometrists in the country to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist.   Dr. Lange and his staff of doctors uses their knowledge in nutrition to  enhance the eye exam experience  at  Lange Eye Care.   Dr. Lange states ” you would be amazed at what some simple dietary and lifestyle changes can make in a patients visual future”. Patients drive form hundreds of miles around to come to Lange Eye Care.  Dr. Lange can also be heard via his daily talk show “ask the dr” worldwide via the internet and on multiple am and fm radio stations thru out the country. “We are constantly  updating all of our offices to stay abreast of the changing times” states Dr. Michael Lange. Ocala was the beginning of  the Lange Eye Care philosophy which has catapulted his philosophy of eye care into one of the fastest growing privately owned eye care centers in the state.  Gainesville Lange Eye care phone number is 352 376 6622,  toll-free to Lange Eye care operators in Ocala Florida is 888 781 2020.   learn more at www.drmichaellange.com


  1. Lange Eye Care Gainesville made me so happy today I had to write this testimonial. Thanks to a testimonial on this site and I heard Dr. Lange on his radio show Thursday am talking about the contact lens special he had and I have two teens that wear contacts and they both need new glasses too. I have never gone to Lange Eye Care in Gainesville because I always thought they were expensive and super high end. Today my two sons had a contact lens exam and both got a years supply of contacts, we got two $100 rebates to send in and I paid only $50 for two pair of glasses for both sons. This is honestly the best deal I have ever had and Lange Eye Care in Gainesville is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Why go anywhere else if you wear contact lenses? Thanks Lange Eye Care from a mom trying to make it thru the recession. JR

    • eyedude92 says:

      I am glad we could help you out. All Lange Eye Care locations are running this contact lens special until the end of September to help parents out financially. If you purchase a years supply of contacts then for an additional $25 you can get a complete pair of glasses with singles vision lenses. We now have incredible rebates on all of the contacts , when you purchase a years supply it also makes the contact lenses less expensive than Sams , Wall mart or internet and yes we are open seven days a week with a doctor. Gainesville Lange Eye Care 352 376 6622

  2. leah says:

    I too am very pleased I found Lange Eye Care in Gainesville. I have been taking my daughter to an eye doctor in Gainesville that never spent much time with her and never gave us a discount. I took advantage of Lange Eye Cares “back to school special” and I am very pleased!

  3. Brenda says:

    The Gainesville Lange Eye Care eye doctors are wonderful. I have seen a few of them and always very happy with their service. I work until 4pm and I have had an ongoing condition in my eyes that needs treatment frequently. Langes hours of operation are very good for the working people. I go in the evenings and weekends. I have been taking Dr. Langes Fortifeye Super Omega and Focus for an extreme dry eye problem and it took about five weeks but now i am finally getting some relief. I enjoy learning about natural ways to help my eyes at Gainesville Lange Eye Care. These doctors know about nutrition.

  4. Elizabeth M says:

    I am glad you guys now take VSP, since our entire office has this insurance. Thanks for great service. I love my new Sunglasses and daily contact lenses.

  5. anna says:

    Thanks Lange Eye Care Gainesville for great customer service today!
    I want to personally thanks Lisa who greeted me when i walked in the door. I had a very red infected eye and needed to see the doctor asap. She got me right in to See Dr. Lange . He started me on some eye drops and told me I would have to stop contact lenses for a week . They made my glasses while I waited ! Thanks for working me in and making my glasses so quickly! No contacts for a week, UGGG!

  6. Paul says:

    Lange Eye Care Gainesville has been my families eye doctors since 1993. I have seen various doctors in the Lange Eye Care organization and have always been pleased. They put me in my first progressive lens ten years ago and my kids in contacts. They have also taken care of my mom and dad. I highly recommend Lange Eye Care in Gainesville for your eye care. Dr. Paul L

  7. Kenzie says:

    Thanks Lange Eye Care Gainesville for making me a gorgeous pair of Tiffany glasses with the thinnest lenses I have ever had. My prescription is a minus 9 so usually my lenses are thick. This is a new lens material from Germany that is super thin. Now I find I wear my glasses more than my contacts that I have over warn for years. If u looking for the best eye care in Gainesville I recommend Lange Eye Care. Special thanks to Gerald who ordered these lenses from Germany.

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