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Dr. Michael Lange completes remodel of Lange Eye Care Ocala.

Dr. Michael Lange completes remodel of Lange Eye Care Ocala..

Omega -3 and prostate cancer

photoMA29986143-0001Omega 3 and Prostate Cancer RiskJuly 16, 20013
By Michael Lange OD, CNS

Recently the media has created a frenzy of alarming headlines attempting to link omega 3 to prostate cancer . This data was derived from questionable follow up data derived from a 2011 study called the SELECT Study. This study was developed to analyze selenium and vitamin e on prostate cancer it was not a study designed to look at omega 3 from supplements or diet. The study has no documentation of fish oil supplementation or fish consumption.

The study indicated that the men with the highest levels of omega 3 in their blood were the ones most likely to have prostate cancer. The results showed that slightly higher omega-3 plasma percentages from a single blood test were associated with a greater risk of low-grade (44%) and high-grade (71%) prostate cancers over multiple years of follow-up. The authors are concluding that men are at higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer if the plasma level of omega-3 is 4.7% versus 4.5%. This conclusion that men are at a higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer based on a .2% difference in omega 3 levels is both ridiculous and reckless!!

Multiple good studies have been published proving that higher consumption of fish and omega 3 fatty acids may reduce prostate cancer numbers. It is clear that the reason the omega 3 levels were higher in the prostate cancer patients is because they were probably taking omega 3 supplements or eating fish more frequently than the control of healthy individuals. These patients have been told by their oncologist, urologist,cardiologist, GP and Optometrist to take omega 3 fish oil for its health benefits. People with disease usually take more supplements including omega 3 supplements. There is no cause and effect here at all!!

If this study had any truth to it then cultures that consume a lot of fish would have large numbers of prostate cancer but they have the lowest levels! I am astonished of the results that were allowed to be published based on very poor data in regards to omega 3.

Once again the conclusion drawn from this study that omega 3 causes prostate cancer in my opinion is both reckless and ridiculous. Omega 3 in the correct form at the right levels have positively impacted millions of people throughout the world!! So continue to eat good sources of fish and take a good omega 3 fish oil supplement.

This past Saturday I dedicated an entire hour from 9-10 am during my talk show “ask the Dr” discussing this study and the results. I have also been interviewed on multiple networks over the last week in regards to this study. I hope I was able to influence my listeners not to be afraid of omega 3 if you are a man!!

Years ago I wasnt satisfied with the OTC omega 3 fish oils you can purchase at your local drug store or super market so I went to Norway to research omega 3 and developed Fortifeye Super Omega as a result. This is one of the purest triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil in the world. The levels of EPA and Dha are higher than anything you can purchase in the stores. Fortifeye Super Omega is being recommended by doctors all over the world. learn more at http://www.fortifeye.com or call 866 503 9746.

Michael Lange OD, CNS