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Nutritional Eye Care in Gainesville Florida

Lange Eye Care Gainesville Florida is an advanced eye care center  that incorparates the latest in medical, surgical, optical and nutritional eye care under one roof.  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist founded Lange Eye Care in march 1993 and has grown Lange Eye Care into ten eye care centers from Clearwater to Gainesville. Lange Eye Care is one fo the fastest growing and largest privately owned eye care centers in the state of Florida.  The sucess of Lange Eye Care is directly related to the hard work of Dr. Lange and a great team of Doctors and staff at Lange Eye Care.  Dr. Lange personally hand picks the staff to make sure they are all on the same page as he is when caring for patients. One of the reasons Lange Eye Care has grown so rapidly is the large spectrum of eye care options and alternatives offered.  Dr. Lange is a pioneer in nutritional eye care and was one of the first eye doctors in the country to develop and study nutritional supplemensts for visual health as well as total body health.  Dr. Lange states ” if its good for the eye it is good for the rest of the body and vice versa”.   Dr Michael Lange started Gainesville Lange Eye care in 1994 afeter he opened his first offcie in 1993 in Ocala Florida.  Nutritional eye care in Gainesville Florida is Lange Eye Cares area of expertise.   When a patient comes to see Dr. Lange or one if his associartes not only will you get the most comprehensive eye exam in Gainesville but you will also be educated on the foods and vitamins to take to slow down  age related changes in the eye. Specific diets will be discussed to maximize the bodys potential and to combat against free radical damage in all parts of the body not just the eyes.   Nutritional eye care in Gainesville Florida was sparked by Dr. Michael Lange .  If you want to learn the latest in nutrition for your eyes then contact Lange Eye Care Gainesville at 352 237 3768 , they are located next to Target in Butler Plaza West on Archer road. leran more at www.langeeyecare.com  or www.drmichaellange.com   and to leran more about the vitamins Dr. Lange has studied and developed go to www.fortifeye.com