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Blue Light Defense and Blue Light Protection is important for all ages. Minimizing Blue Light Damage is critical .

Source: Blue Light Defense and Blue Light Protection is important for all ages. Minimizing Blue Light Damage is critical .

Biotrue One Day Lenses now available at Lange Eye Care in Gaiesville Florida.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and syndicated talk show host.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist at Lange Eye Care  Ocala and Gainesville Florida is among one of the first to be fitting the new Bausch & Lomb Biotrue One Day lenses.  Dr. Lange states that the new Biotrue One Day lenses are the most comfortable and easiest to handle of all the daily lenses.  “I am a believer after wearing the lenses for 18 hours without any discomfort or dry feeling by the end of the day” states Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and nutrition specialist. Biotrue one day lenses have outstanding breathability without the use of silicone. This daily disposable lens has a high water content of 78% that is the same water content of the human cornea.  This daily contact lens is made from a new generation material called Hypergel that allows the maximum amount of moisture all day long.  This new material also allows for the contact lens to retain its original shape through out the day providing crisp comfortable vision all day long.  Lange Eye Care  locations throughout Florida are now fitting these new Biotrue One Day lenses in all of their locations.  Tune in and listen to Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and talk show host on “Ask the Dr” live five days a week on multiple radio stations throughout the South.  He will be discussing the benefits of Bausch & Lombs  Biotrue One Day lenses and Pure Vision 2 HD spheres and Pure Vision 2 HD for astigmatism.  Dr. Lange States “Why would anyone consider Lasik surgery when there are so many great safe and comfortable contact lens options on the market”?   Go to www.drmichaellange.com or www.langeeyecare.com to learn more about Lange Eye Care and find the times and stations to tune in to Dr. Langes radio shows.  If you want the best deal on Biotrue One Day Lenses go to www.expresscontacts.com  or call them at 877 808 2020.

Contact Lens Experts in Gainesville Florida

The Gainesville Lange Eye care was started in 1994 by Dr. Michael P. Lange Optometrist that started an eye care center in Ocala Florida the year before in 1993.  Dr. Michael Lange wanted to build an eye care center that had a strong emphasis on contact lenses which was lacking in Gainesville eye care at the time.   The Ocala  Lange Eye care has a heavy emphasis on Ocular Diseases, eye surgery and Low vision do to the elderly retired population.  Dr. Lange saw Gainesville Florida as an opportunity to capture the young  people who are interested in wearing contact lenses. The standard in Gainesville Eye care  especially in the contact lens area changed  with the construction of this new  eye center.   Gainesville Lange Eye Care location is 6,000 sq feet of  state of the art technology dedicated to fitting the simplest and the most complicated contact lenses.  All of the doctors at Gainesville Lange Eye care  are board certified and specialize in contact lens.  Whether you have astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia there may be a contact lens for you.  Lange Eye care in Gainesville has the largest selection of trial contact lenses in stock so the doctor has a variety of lenses to pick from.  99% of all contacts are in stock  in this Gainesville Lange  Eye Care location.  Sophisticated technology like corneal topography, orbscan, pachemetry, ultrasound, Oct corneal module , pentacams, Wave front abberometers  and more are available to aid the doctors in fitting the correct contact lens. Contact lens experts in gainesville are hard to find.   The staff at Lange Eye care Gainesville is highly trained at teaching the patient the dos and don’ts of contact lens wear and are available 24/7 if an emergency arrises.   The doctors at Lange Eye Care are considered the contact lens experts in Gainesville Florida , they are experts at fitting all types of contact lenses including  soft , Rigid gas permeable , toric, bi toric ,  multifocals , reverse geometry, hybrid , scleral and kerataconic lenses.   Lange Eye Care Gainesville are  all also experts in the treatment of all contact lens related  infections, irritations, abrasions and contact lens over wear syndrome.  Many patients may have a specific condition like dry eyes that may decrease the possibility of wearing contact lenses successfully.  The Gainesville Contact lens Doctors at Lange Eye Care are trained at picking these potential problems up before fitting the patient in a contact lens and initiating proper treatment that will allow for successful contact lens fitting. If you live in or around the Gainesville area and you want to see the contact lens experts in Gainesville then  make and appointment to see one of the Optometrists at Lange Eye Care Gainesville.  If you have worn contact lenses in the past and you are interested in getting rid of contacts then make an appointment to see if you may be a candidate for lasik surgery in Gainesville.  Lange Eye Care offers all refractive correction options from  glasses, contact lenses,  lasik surgery , clear lens exchange and corneal refractive therapy. Lange Eye Care in Gainesville has a state of the art Lasik surgery center with three different laser platforms.    If you are interested in lasik Surgery in Gainesville or the best in Gainesville eye care then come to Lange Eye Care Gainesville , located next to target  on Archer road, Butler Plaza West and is open seven days a week.  call 352 376 6622 or go to www.langeeyecare.com or www.drmichaellange.com