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Lange Eye Care Gainesville brings in new technology.

Lange Eye Care Gainesville

Lange Eye Care Gainesville

Lange Eye Care Gainesville has just invested in all new technology inside their clinic in Gainesville. Lange Eye Care Gainesville now has the all new Daytona Optomap to give a detailed view of the entire retina along with auto fluorescence technology to detect lipofucin build up in the retina. Lange Eye Care Gainesville also has OCT cross-sectional imaging of the retina and digital high-resolution retinal photography. Gainesville Lange Eye Care has the latest in corneal measurements with orbscans and wavefront abberometry. If you are looking for the latest in eye care then come see the doctors at Lange Eye Care Gainesville. We are located next door to Target on Archer Road. Open six days a week and take walkins and emergencies same day. http://www.langeeyecare.com or call 352 376 6622.


Lange Eye Care Gainesville Super Optical


Lange Eye Care Gainesville has one of the largest Opticals in Florida.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville also has a state of the art optical lab that enables many jobs to made while you wait. The optical has frames ranging in price from $29-$800.   Lange Eye care prides themselves on only handling the highest quality lens and frame materials available.  Everything in Lange Eye care is backed by the industry best warranty .  Always a great frame sale going on at Lange Eye care Gainesville. 2013  frame special is buy one complete pair and get the second one at 50-70% off depending on the frame u pick.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville is located next to Target on Archer road and is open six days a week.  call 352 376 6622   http://www.langeeyecare.com

Lange Eye Care Gainesville, Optometry and Ophthalmology

Lange Eye Care Gainesville has been open since March 1993. Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and certified nutrition specialist founded Lange Eye Care Gainesville in 1993 and first location was in the mall. Lange Eye care grew so quickly they had to expand to a larger location next to Target on Archer Raod.  This location has 6500 sq feet and sees patients from six months of age to 105 years of age.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville is equipped with six full examination rooms, visual field testing, digital anterior and posterior photography, OCT, B scan, ultrasound, Orbscan,  Wave front abberrometry, pachemetry, diopsys ( VEP and ERG), complete optical lab, four waiting areas, large optical with 3000 frames.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville takes all walk in appointments and emergencies same day. Lange Eye Care has both Optometrists and Ophthalmologists on staff. They can do  all routine as well as advanced surgical procedures.  Gainesville Lange Eye Care has a highly trained  optical staff and technical staff to help with all aspects of your eye exam and optical experience. Dr. Brian Atkins optometrist is the clinic managing doctor and sees patients in Gainesville four days a week and Ocala one day a week. Many of the other highly trained doctors with Lange Eye Care see patients in the Gainesville Lange Eye Care location.   All of the doctors are experts in fitting the latest contact lens technology.   Just about anyone can wear contact lenses if the doctor takes the time to determine which lens will fit in harmony with the eye.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville will give you the added value you are looking for when buying your contact lenses in Gainesville.  When u buy an annual supply of contacts from Lange Eye Care Gainesville you will get rebates up to $90 (depending on the contact lens brand), generous supply of solution, free pair of fashion or sport sunglasses ( pick from a select group) and a back up pair of single vision complete pr of glasses with cr-39 lenses ( from select group).  Gainesville Lange Eye Care takes most insurances including Eyemed, VSP, VCP, Spectera, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, United Health Care etc….   Lange Eye Care is the largest eye care provider in the area with nine locations from Gainesville to Clearwater. If you need an Optometrist in Gainesville come to Lange Eye Care next door to Target on Archer road in Butler Plaza West. call 352 376 6622 for an appointment or go to www.langeeyecare.com or www.drmichaellange.com

Gainesville Eye Care is available seven days a week at Lange Eye Care.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist at Lange Eye Care has been in the Gainesville eye care market since 1993.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist in Gainesville Lange Eye Care optical.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist in Gainesville Lange Eye Care optical.

Gainesville eye care is available seven days a week at Lange Eye Care.   Lange Eye Care is one of the largest eye care providers in a six county area with nine locations.  Lange Eye care in Gainesville has one of the largest opticals in Florida with over 3000 frames ranging in price from $29-$1000.   They have a state of the art optical lab so many types of lenses can be made in an hour or less if in stock. Lange Eye Care Gainesville has both optometrists and ophthalmologists on staff to handle even the most complicated eye problems.  One of the largest contact lens departments in the state is inside the Gainesville eye care location.   Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and certified nutrition specialist is available on specific days to see established and new patients.  Dr. Brian Atkins is the clinic director at this location and is also available to see patients. Lange Eye care Gainesville is staffed seven days a week  with an Optometrist, multiple opticians , technicians, sales associates and customer service representatives.   This Gainesville eye care location takes all walk ins and emergency patients during the day. If you are looking for the most advanced eye care in Gainesville then  give Lange Eye Care a try.  They are located next to Target on Archer road.   For more information on Gainesville eye care go to  www.langeeyecare.com, www.drmichaellange.com , or call 352 376 6622.   Tune in and listen to Dr. Langes syndicated radio talk show on nutrition and eye care in Gainesville on Saturday at 9am-10am on The Sky 97.3fm.

Eyewear in Gainesville at its best

Eyewear has become a huge fashion accessory like designer hand bags.  Every designer now has a line of spectacles with their name engraved in the temples.  If you are looking for stylish eyewear in Gainesville Florida you must stop by Lange Eye Care Gainesville optical showroom.  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and his wife Tamie Lange travel the world in search for high quality trendy designer eyewear to bring back to their ten Lange Eye Care locations.  Trendy eyewear in Gainesville is what Lange Eye Care  is all about.  Stylish eye glasses are what all the college students, young professionals and University professors from University of Florida are all looking for. Lange Eye care Gainesville has the largest selection of designer eye wear in Gainesville.  Dr. Langes selection of eyewear ranges in price from $29-$2000.  There is a frame for anyone at any price point.  Some of the designer frames at Lange Eye care are Versace, Gucci, Coach, Tory Burch, Dolce Gabbana, Parris Optics, Parris Optics Attitude Collection,  Prada, Kenneth Cole, Guess, Tom Ford, Harley Davidson, Polo, Ray Ban, Brooks Brother, Fendi, Channel, Nike Flexon, Oliver Peoples, William Rast, Bada, Cazal, Caviar, Mont Blanc, Christian Dior, Armani, Hugo Boss, Swaroski and many more.  The selection of eyewear in Gainesville Lange Eye care is constantly being updated.  The newest and hottest line called Parris Optics Attitutde collection will be available  early 2013.  Parris Optics Attitude collection is all hand made italian zyles with incredible Italian colors. These frames use the highest quality surgical stainless steel and seven barrel hinge systems. This new designer line will come in a new generation retro look that is quite popular in Europe and becoming very popular in America.  Parris Optics International will release the new Attitude collection at Lange Eye Care before any other eye care centers in America. Look on the optical shelves for Parris Optics Attitutude frames around January 2013.  Lange Eye Care has an advanced lab capable of making many eye glass prescriptions in less than an hour.  Lange Eye Care Gainesville also has one of the largest  selection of sunglasses in the area with Oakley, Mau Jim, Ray Ban, Revo, Costa Del Mar, Ocean Waves, Vournet and also they carry all the designer labels in sunglasses as well. Come to any Lange Eye Care location for all of your optical needs. http://www.langeeyecare.com , http://www.drmichaellange.com, or call toll free 1 888 781 2020 for an appointment.

Nutritional Eye Care in Gainesville Florida

Lange Eye Care Gainesville Florida is an advanced eye care center  that incorparates the latest in medical, surgical, optical and nutritional eye care under one roof.  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist founded Lange Eye Care in march 1993 and has grown Lange Eye Care into ten eye care centers from Clearwater to Gainesville. Lange Eye Care is one fo the fastest growing and largest privately owned eye care centers in the state of Florida.  The sucess of Lange Eye Care is directly related to the hard work of Dr. Lange and a great team of Doctors and staff at Lange Eye Care.  Dr. Lange personally hand picks the staff to make sure they are all on the same page as he is when caring for patients. One of the reasons Lange Eye Care has grown so rapidly is the large spectrum of eye care options and alternatives offered.  Dr. Lange is a pioneer in nutritional eye care and was one of the first eye doctors in the country to develop and study nutritional supplemensts for visual health as well as total body health.  Dr. Lange states ” if its good for the eye it is good for the rest of the body and vice versa”.   Dr Michael Lange started Gainesville Lange Eye care in 1994 afeter he opened his first offcie in 1993 in Ocala Florida.  Nutritional eye care in Gainesville Florida is Lange Eye Cares area of expertise.   When a patient comes to see Dr. Lange or one if his associartes not only will you get the most comprehensive eye exam in Gainesville but you will also be educated on the foods and vitamins to take to slow down  age related changes in the eye. Specific diets will be discussed to maximize the bodys potential and to combat against free radical damage in all parts of the body not just the eyes.   Nutritional eye care in Gainesville Florida was sparked by Dr. Michael Lange .  If you want to learn the latest in nutrition for your eyes then contact Lange Eye Care Gainesville at 352 237 3768 , they are located next to Target in Butler Plaza West on Archer road. leran more at www.langeeyecare.com  or www.drmichaellange.com   and to leran more about the vitamins Dr. Lange has studied and developed go to www.fortifeye.com

Contact Lens Experts in Gainesville Florida

The Gainesville Lange Eye care was started in 1994 by Dr. Michael P. Lange Optometrist that started an eye care center in Ocala Florida the year before in 1993.  Dr. Michael Lange wanted to build an eye care center that had a strong emphasis on contact lenses which was lacking in Gainesville eye care at the time.   The Ocala  Lange Eye care has a heavy emphasis on Ocular Diseases, eye surgery and Low vision do to the elderly retired population.  Dr. Lange saw Gainesville Florida as an opportunity to capture the young  people who are interested in wearing contact lenses. The standard in Gainesville Eye care  especially in the contact lens area changed  with the construction of this new  eye center.   Gainesville Lange Eye Care location is 6,000 sq feet of  state of the art technology dedicated to fitting the simplest and the most complicated contact lenses.  All of the doctors at Gainesville Lange Eye care  are board certified and specialize in contact lens.  Whether you have astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia there may be a contact lens for you.  Lange Eye care in Gainesville has the largest selection of trial contact lenses in stock so the doctor has a variety of lenses to pick from.  99% of all contacts are in stock  in this Gainesville Lange  Eye Care location.  Sophisticated technology like corneal topography, orbscan, pachemetry, ultrasound, Oct corneal module , pentacams, Wave front abberometers  and more are available to aid the doctors in fitting the correct contact lens. Contact lens experts in gainesville are hard to find.   The staff at Lange Eye care Gainesville is highly trained at teaching the patient the dos and don’ts of contact lens wear and are available 24/7 if an emergency arrises.   The doctors at Lange Eye Care are considered the contact lens experts in Gainesville Florida , they are experts at fitting all types of contact lenses including  soft , Rigid gas permeable , toric, bi toric ,  multifocals , reverse geometry, hybrid , scleral and kerataconic lenses.   Lange Eye Care Gainesville are  all also experts in the treatment of all contact lens related  infections, irritations, abrasions and contact lens over wear syndrome.  Many patients may have a specific condition like dry eyes that may decrease the possibility of wearing contact lenses successfully.  The Gainesville Contact lens Doctors at Lange Eye Care are trained at picking these potential problems up before fitting the patient in a contact lens and initiating proper treatment that will allow for successful contact lens fitting. If you live in or around the Gainesville area and you want to see the contact lens experts in Gainesville then  make and appointment to see one of the Optometrists at Lange Eye Care Gainesville.  If you have worn contact lenses in the past and you are interested in getting rid of contacts then make an appointment to see if you may be a candidate for lasik surgery in Gainesville.  Lange Eye Care offers all refractive correction options from  glasses, contact lenses,  lasik surgery , clear lens exchange and corneal refractive therapy. Lange Eye Care in Gainesville has a state of the art Lasik surgery center with three different laser platforms.    If you are interested in lasik Surgery in Gainesville or the best in Gainesville eye care then come to Lange Eye Care Gainesville , located next to target  on Archer road, Butler Plaza West and is open seven days a week.  call 352 376 6622 or go to www.langeeyecare.com or www.drmichaellange.com